SS 22

PlantPlay explores the intersection of plants, architecture, and performance art to craft a novel theater experience that celebrates the beauty of plants and their growth. Initiated by curating a party for plants, the project investigates elements crucial for optimal plant growth, such as water, light, and sound. The resulting party scene and atmosphere is documented through a series of videos and tableau arrangements, which emphasize the contrasts between various materials. These contrasts are then reinterpreted into spatial 'party' objects.

As the project transitions into its theater phase, it reimagines traditional theater layouts by surrounding plants and landscapes within a continuous, thickened linear space. This design approach effectively removes the traditional physical boundaries of the theater space. Imagining plant party activities like pollinating and slow dancing, the project introduced mechanical systems such as conveyor belts, sprinklers, and dynamic lighting to trigger a festive atmosphere for the plants. The design of the theater objects is influenced by the qualities observed in the plant party videos, resulting in a raw yet delicate aesthetic. Arrays of racks covered with polycarbonate panels provide a translucent layering effect. Materials are arranged horizontally and vertically, focusing on an ambient environment for and from plants, achieved through light, mist, sound, and movement.

- Collaborator*: Xingyu Zhang, Rinna Fangyi Jiang

- Site: 2040 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

- Activity: Nightclub Stealthies: Party for Plants in Pidgin 31

- BGM: Symphony for a Spider Plant by Mort Garson