Warm Cloud
SS 23

Warm Cloud suggests a novel approach to Dutch land reclamation, merging the organizational framework of aeroponic farm and data center. This project deviates from conventional practices that utilize reclaimed lowland areas for production and habitation. Instead, it proposes an aquatic infrastructure that transforms architecture itself into an artificial ground, synergistically processing and interacting with the environmental fluid flows and substances.

The primary inhabitants of this aquatic infrastructure are plants and servers, both of which thrive on geological minerals. The project, however, showcases their innate propensity to flourish in a liquid environment. By integrating the liquid-cooling systems of data centers with aeroponic farming techniques, a performative landscape is created. In this system, data centers not only facilitate plant growth but also allow plants to elucidate and make transparent the operations of the data centers, which are typically obscured.

The proposed aquatic infrastructure is ingeniously crafted to steer and link the intricate interactions between various non-human entities in an open-ended, distributed network. Operating on both geopolitical and informational levels, this artificial ground unifies fluid posthuman bodies into a synergistic whole.

- Site: Ijsselmeer, Netherland

- Activity: F(r)iction in a83 Gallery, New York, NY