Delirious San Francisco
SS 18

Delirious San Francisco addresses the distinctive and paradoxical nature of San Francisco's urban layout, which combines a systematic grid structure with its varied and challenging topography. The project seeks to capture and represent the essence of San Francisco through innovative design practices, involving a superimposed tidal garden and the integration of parasitical machines.

Phase 1 of the project start with a design exercise that comprises a still life of linear and glass drawings. These drawings are designed to allow viewers to look through and beyond the physical boundaries and outlines, thereby revealing the interstitial spaces among objects. The drawings transcend their material form, transforming into codes that facilitate their folding into horizontal spatial configurations, ultimately materializing as physical models. This dematerialization and dimensionalization of the drawings play a crucial role in representing the spatial complexity of San Francisco.

Phase 2 of the project builds upon the concept of folding, as explored in the initial phase. It delves into the exploration of spaces between gaps in the models, integrating these conceptual spaces to disrupt a tangible site at Pier 70. The project envisions a skateboard park on the upper surface of the area, while the lower earthwork acts as a metaphorical representation of San Francisco's landscape.

Phase 3 of the project integrates a modular system of contextual machines. These machines function analogously to parasites, interacting with the tidal garden and deploying their form to suit various events and functions. They are designed to connect and facilitate larger-scale activities. This system of machines is not just a functional element but also serves as a metaphor for the urban structure of San Francisco, reflecting its adaptability, diversity, and complexity.

- Site: Pier 70, San Francisco, CA