Augmented Littoral
AW 21

Augmented Littoral starts with an investigation of the coastline as an idea, arguing that the concept of the coastline is an illusory notion existing solely on cartographic representations rather than in tangible reality. The project delves into the transitional area between the first part of land and sea, a space where the boundary between them is not clear-cut, but rather a broad zone where both land and water are equally important. This area, known as the littoral, is characterized by varying slopes and gradients, including changes in tides, moisture levels, salinity, and openness.

In response to these diverse gradients, the project proposes layers of intervention in the littoral zone of Inujima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea, aiming to maximize its ecological and cultural value. It envisions a dynamic and responsive infrastructure that utilizes natural energy and creates unique microclimates in specific areas.

Augmented Littoral represents an interplay between nature and artifice, wherein architecture operates as an enhanced layer of infrastructure superimposed upon the littoral to activate its potential in both cultural and ecological dimensions.

- Site: Inujima, Okayama, Japan

- Activity: Island and Ideas Symposium: Hong Kong, Inujima and Beyond, CUHK, HK SAR